September 18, 2013

Email marketing management

Are you using Newsletter/ email marketing to gain more leads and increase revenue?
How well is your email marketing performing?
How much exposure, conversion and business does your email marketing management bring you?


If you didn’t answer yes or are unsure of your answers, let us support you. mLine will serve you in bringing email marketing management expertise to your business or organization. We will integrate it with our social and communication efforts so that you can maximize your communication return on investment. Email marketing is by far the most lucrative form of communication and owned media but it is often poorly integrated and implemented. We will help you bring your strategies together and drive a maximum benefit for your business.


-Email campaign providers

-Targeted email advertising

-Email newsletter marketing

-Email campaign management

-Online newsletter service

-Email marketing management




Let mLine review your email marketing management strategy and show you where you can make real improvements for your ROI. At the end of our work you will receive a blueprint for your newly optimized email marketing strategy, segmented into reasoning aspects and a list of tasks for you, email templates and data to know when and how you should be using email marketing. We will then meet on a monthly basis to review your email marketing program, suggest improvements to your campaigns, content and strategy to enhance results.


Start enhancing your Email marketing management performance today!


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