September 17, 2013

How we do it


We help you find, establish and convert the audiences you need to enhance your business. That’s the essence of the mLine Strategy. mLine begins with its powerful research tools to identify the right audiences for you to be transporting the messages and media they are most receptive to. With your introductory input we design and build the creative content and message that those audiences expect and want and pair it with our relationships with various media – old and new – to get your story and message placed correctly.

mLine doesn’t stop there. After receiving hits and enhancing the concept with multi-media opportunities, mLine then hands you the tools and research whether your increase in value really is an increase! Did the marketing campaign work? Do the numbers speak for themselves? This then gives you the feedback you need to ensure an increase in sustainable sales and to undertake new complex projects.

Let mLine support you in making the most out of your communication efforts.