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Open the net value of type the bank financing

Central Treasury securities registration and settlement companies released "national banking financial information registration system" of the Chinese banking market annual report (2014) "(hereinafter referred to as the" report ") to the market shows a picture of a banking financial market panorama.

You can see from the annual report disclosure of data, all of 2014, the steady development of the continue to bank financing beyond the trust financing, leading the information market. At the same time, under the supervision of continuous power, continue to promote "logo of the non-standard transfer process, and more transparent and conform to finance the balance of the nature of the open net type products increased 267.03% in a year.

The year end due only 51 now only losses in wealth management products

According to the annual report disclosure, in 2014, the bank financing scale continues to grow. By the end of 2014, the national wealth management business of banking financial institutions, a total of 525 55012 surviving financial product, balance of 15.02 trillion yuan, is increased at the end of 2013, 4.78 trillion yuan, 46.68%; 2014 annual average daily financial totaled 13.75 trillion yuan, from 2013, 4.16 trillion yuan, 43.38% increase.

At the same time, by the end of 2014, the bank financing scale is the highest in all kinds of asset management business, total 15.02 trillion yuan bank financial capital ahead of trust companies, total assets of the trust, the insurance fund use balance, the securities company entrusted management of the principal amount and the total assets of the securities investment fund management. And at the end of 2013, in all kinds of asset management business, the trust company the trust assets in the first place.

At the same time of scale expansion, bank financial products has also created considerable benefits for the bank. In 2014, the China banking financial market to implement the bank profit of about 90.82 billion yuan. Side bank earnings is refers to the financial product from start issuing bank to honour has been realized to the products of the cumulative net income, including field (including the branches) hosting the custody fee charged for the product, the bank (including the branches) to the financial product management fees charged for investment management, the bank charge (including the branches) to sell their products while flat sales commission, the excess of retained earnings, part of the gap between income and so on.

And from the point of customer return on investment, in 2014, the bank financial markets accumulated to honour the customer income 712.13 billion yuan. The year end financial product due there are 51 products suffered losses, only accounts for 0.03% of all end mature products, the proportion has declined slightly in 2013. Loss of wealth management products of the principal repayment rate is 85.95% on average.

Investment of non-standard assets proportion fall again

By the end of 2014, all products of various assets balance investment of 15.77 trillion yuan, involving 11 categories of assets. From the asset allocation, bonds and money market instruments, bank deposits, not of a standardized asset class are major financial product configuration of three types of assets, accounting for 91.22% of the financial product investment balance.

Among them, as of late, the configuration of non-standard debt asset class financial product balance is about 3.3 trillion yuan, accounting for about 20.91%, from 27.69% at the end of 2013 to fall again. With the matching is that financial product configuration in financial assets proportion of direct financing tool has reached 0.25%, the balance is 39.4 billion yuan. Direct financing tool start pilot at the end of 2013, is a regulatory push "of non-standard transfer standard" of one of the important measures. A single financial direct financing tool must correspond to individual enterprise debt financing, more transparency.

"Annual report", said in a regulatory actively under the guidance and supervision, financial management standardization of money at the creditor's rights in the asset class monitored in the field of industry and there is also fell, by the end of the balance in the year of 240.66 billion yuan to 212.54 billion yuan, down 28.12 billion yuan, down 11.68%. Specific view, involves the "two high" left industry, commercial real estate (except for affordable housing) and local financing platform of non-standard assets are of a certain decline, down 42.67% compared with the end of 2013, 42.67% and 16.85% respectively.

According to the statistics, in the annals of from to have 10.71 trillion yuan of financial capital through configuration bonds, non-standard assets, equity asset class to the real economy, accounts for the proportion of various assets balance financial capital investment of 67.92%.

Open a rapid increase in wealth management products

Data also showed that look from the operation pattern, although the enclosed products still dominate, but open rapid growth in wealth management products. As of late 2014, the open financial product surviving 3604, balance of 5.24 trillion yuan of funds, the market share of 6.55% and 34.91% respectively. Open financial product balances is increased at the end of 2013, 3.56 trillion yuan, a 210.51% increase, the market share increased by 18.43%. Especially in the second half of 2014 was bigger, at the end of the proportion of open products accounts for the market relatively late June increased by 14.67%.

In the full open financial product, non net balance of 4.68 trillion yuan of funds, financial products was increased at the end of 2013, 3.15 trillion yuan; Type net balance of 560.75 billion yuan of funds, financial products is increased at the end of 2013, 407.97 billion yuan, increased by 267.03%. "Bank financial products from the expected return type to open type net into the trend of The Times." According to the report.

In December 2014, the China banking regulatory commission is the commercial bank financing business supervision and management regulations (draft) "for advice, one of the important one is the" expected rate of return should be bank sale is increased by the cost of the product, push the Banks to change the current mainstream financial product form, guide commercial Banks to issue of portfolio management class open type net assets and there is no time limit and products by mismatch of project financing products (a project first, and then, the funds), make the risks and benefits of the product really shaken to investors."

"Annual report", said the economic downward pressure is bigger, the external environment, such as capital market gradually warming and bank financial capital scale, product lot of mismatch with long-term assets such as industry background, the risks of bank financial products should not be ignored, and the expected return type product form against real financial product risk bearing the main body, is unfavorable to fully reveal the product risk. Therefore, by creating can explain buy, redeemable, profit floating type open and net wealth management products, dynamic management, portfolio investment Banks can use means of flexible configuration of various financial assets, the risk of a single underlying assets dispersed, solves the entity economy needs the contradiction of long-term funds but need the financial funds liquidity, at the same time, through equity volatility, product risk/reward profile can also be timely disclosure to investors, so will completely break the rigid to honour of financial products.