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Facebook listed three years is how to break out of the IPO disaster?

Don't know whether we still remember Facebook listed the technical failure of the day, and people on the mobile road. Anyway, no matter from which point of view, three years ago that the IPO can only use the word "disaster to describe. Investors (Facebook, LinkedIn, co-founder of Reid hoffman said, Facebook's IPO "a mess".) The whole year, Facebook could not out of the shadow of the disaster. Its lackluster stock movements, and constantly criticize it slow, failed to catch up with the mobile Internet this trend.

But today, Facebook has become a beacon on Wall Street. It's current market valuation to $226 billion, p/e ratio as high as 81 times. If you are in the IPO day bought shares of Facebook and hold up to now, so the value of the shares at least doubled.

In the process, CEO mark zuckerberg and his team have also learned a lot of important lessons. First of all, zuckerberg needs to convince Wall Street his vision, he couldn't a low-level representatives to attend the important meeting investors. Second, Facebook provides the most important thing for Wall Street - profit. Today, the profit margin of the Facebook at an astonishing 40%.

But most importantly, Facebook will own the lack of the mobile end into a power. Just listed, its mobile end almost no significant income. In 18 months, Facebook came a 180 - degree, let the skeptics obediently shut his mouth. At the end of 2013, Facebook has more than half of its revenues from mobile advertising revenue. The company seems to be finally able to breathe out eyebrow to say: "you want to move? We'll show you earn mobile money!" Wall Street gives Facebook returns, is pushed up the stock market price again and again.

In the process, Facebook over the IPO was behind the market. But there is still a company still on May 18, 2012, under the IPO of pain, it is the nasdaq. Previously, a batch of Facebook shareholders in the form of class action to nasdaq to court, accusing it of improper operation caused huge losses to them. The electronics stock exchange recently agreed to pay to the plaintiff $26.5 million in damages.

In addition to a large amount of fine, the nasdaq also lost its place as the king of the "science and technology company IPO. For 19 years, nasdaq has been all technology company of choice for IPO exchange (Google, amazon and apple are listed on the nasdaq). But Facebook technological problems in the opening day, make it public relations image was a major blow. Later, the many well-known technology companies such as Twitter, King Digital Entertainment, GrubHub, Zendesk and Fitbit, are listed on the nyse.